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Single Split System

1. What is a Single Split System

A Single System is an air conditioning system where there is one indoor unit combined with one outdoor unit.

2. How does a Single Split System work

In general, air conditioners use certain chemicals that can change their form from a gas to a liquid. This particular system works by a refrigerant being fed into the system’s compressor. The refrigerant starts off as a low-pressure gas. When the gas heats up and is pressurized, it is then condensed into a liquid. The liquid then travels through condenser tubes and becomes a gas again.

When the gas loses pressure, it also releases heat and becomes cooler, thanks to the refrigerant. Then, when the gas passes back into the compressor, the process repeats itself. This is the main cycle.

Throughout this cycle, the air from a room is pulled into the air conditioning unit and travels over the evaporator coils. This cools the air and pushes it into the room through the indoor air conditioning vents. The air continues to circulate around until a specific temperature is reached. This temperature can be amended remotely by a control. When it is reached, the system shuts off to conserve energy.

3. The reason you should choose Single Split System

When compared to traditional systems, a split system requires a lot less work to install. Not only is there no ductwork necessary, but the connector between your indoor and outdoor units only requires an opening that measures about 3 inches in diameter. Once that’s done, all that’s required is access to electricity and a location to mount your units. Compared with a multi-split system, installing single-head air conditioners is usually the most cost-effective way to go about it because installing a multi-system is almost always more expensive.